About Online Cycling Gear

Who are Online Cycling Gear?

At Online Cycling Gear, we are not your traditional Cycling Gear Store. We have the widest range of unique, themed and replica cycling gear in the one place just for you.

We don't pretend to stock "official" team cycling gear because to be honest unless you are paying over $150 for a jersey, it is not official.

We are cyclists ourselves (that's our founder on the left) and have partnered with suppliers across the globe to bring you the most popular replica and themed designs and some you might never have thought of.

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How we are different
Dynamic pricing Our prices move immediately with our suppliers prices. If they give us a discount due to volume orders, we pass that on to you with a click of a button. Prices are adjusted on a daily basis.
Global business Our products are sent to over 200 countries for free. We leverage the power of a shrinking digital world to bring our products to your doorstep with no extra cost in 99% of cases.
Leveraging the power of ecommerce The ability to leverage the same production techniques as the large brick and mortar stores means you get the same quality at a brilliant price.
Extra effort on imagery We recognize shopping online for items you can't touch can be difficult. Because of that we go to the extra effort to provide quality imagery for the best idea on what you are getting.
Secure checkout All transactions are 100% encrypted and secured with the latest security technology. We use the most trusted payment processors on the internet today in PayPal and Stripe.
Friday Flash Deals We go one step further providing you great deals with our Flash Deal Fridays. One item, 48 hours, crazy prices. Sign up below to get the exclusive deals to your inbox.