Who is behind Online Cycling Gear?

At Online Cycling Gear, we are not your traditional Cycling Gear Store. We specialize in unique, themed, retro, and our own original OCG brand of cycling gear. 

We don't pretend to stock "official" team cycling gear because to be honest unless you are paying over $150 for a jersey, it is not official. As cyclists, we hated paying $150 for a jersey by the way, so you will never pay that here.

We leave that to the big boys, the brick and mortar stores where you can get all touchy feely and they can lump their big margins on you to cover rent, wages, and large inventories.

Instead, we focus on what we know best. Providing original gear to you at prices most cyclists can afford.

Manufactured across Europe and Asia, Selling Worldwide

We've been in online business for almost 17 years, and now to combine our passion for cycling with our deep knowledge of leveraging the internet to create amazing deals, it is a true passion business.

This year alone we have sold gear to over 26 countries across Australiasia, Europe, North, South and Central America amongst others.

We have partnered with suppliers across Europe, Asia, and even our own offices here in Australia to bring you the most popular unique, retro and themed designs and some you might never have thought of.

As time goes on we are adding more of our own OCG designs based on actual customer feedback, and our on-request custom cycling gear is not far away. In fact you can see a preview of it as you read on, but first, a little about the founders.

Started by two Aussie guys who love cycling

Online Cycling Gear

Hi, Adam here, CEO of Online Cycling Gear. OCG was started by two "40 something" cyclists who are well past taking cycling too seriously. This is all we do.

Here I am many many (many) years ago smashing out my first Triathlon on my first ever road bike. A custom made aluminum framed beast from eBay. Look at that poor form, those tri-bars pointing to the sky.

It was not pretty.

These days a 12km commute ride to our offices on a flat bar hybrid is as good as it gets. No matter the reason for a ride, we alway need to be comfortable, and if possible, a little stylish as well.

Since we opened Online Cycling Gear, we have built relationships with the highest quality manufacturers who would talk to us (and understand our Aussie accents!) in Europe and Asia to produce our OCG line of jerseys and cycling gear.

The greatest thing about the expanding world of eCommerce and online business? We can leverage the same production processes the major players do all over the world, but with our reduced online-only costs, we can pass the savings to you. 

What's being planned in the OCG offices?

What's ahead for Online Cycling Gear? 

We have sold hundreds of great designs in store, and now we are branching out into our own line of OCG designs, it won't be long before these go on pre-sale, so be sure to jump on the email list (and grab 10% Off instantly) to know when that happens. 

In fact here is one of our proof jerseys that just came to us so we could double check quality.


We can't wait to bring this out, and we see this as a way to provide even more value to those looking for cycling gear that is a little different than the norm.

Do you have a design idea? Send it to us via our contact form and if we make it, you will receive the very first item free as thanks for the idea.

Read this far?

By the way, if you have read this far into the page, then high five to you! Send an email to me personally at adam@onlinecyclinggear.com with the subject line "I read your about page and boy am I tired" and I will send you a 15% off voucher for putting up with my ramblings for this long.

Happy shopping and most importantly, safe riding.

Adam, CEO and co-founder
Online Cycling Gear

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